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Pegasus Cleaning company delivers residential and commercial cleaning services to the entire Queens, NY area! Whether you are in an apartment, house, or have office space that requires regular maintenance; give us a phone call to get started! 

Trusted by many to deliver excellent results at affordable rates on a consistent basis. Our job is to bring you massive value and give you the luxury to free up your time and the headache that comes along with weekly home maintenance. 

Let us put our skills to work for you so you can sit back and relax and enjoy the results you deserve. Keeping up with daily tasks can be stressful and take your time away from more important tasks. 

We’d like to make it as easy as possible for you to book our services; we suggest that you hit the click to call button below to get started. Try our services and you will be thrilled that you did. 

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When you need a professional company to handle your demands, it is important to go with the team that is experienced in delivering massive results at the best rates. Our rates are made crystal clear for you and we do not operate our business on hidden or additional fees. 

We will always maintain a clear line of communication and are always here for you. Reach our staff directly at all times of the day. We are happy to give you the comfort you need and knowing you are getting the value.

Each situation calls for a different approach. It all starts with listening to you and your needs. Listening is a big part of what we do. Aside from the skills and work ethic we have, listening is crucial to meeting your demands. Are you in need of cleaning service astoria ny?

We take pride in helping you and adapting on the fly to meet the needs. One week may call for another task to be handled. We are flexible and will always conform to you and your requests. If you have any questions in about what we can provide to you, give us a phone call. We have answers to your questions and concerns and are ready to help! 

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Pegasus Cleaning Company Is The Best Of The Best In Queens, NY

Deep Cleaning: Offering unmatched attention to detail and precise results for all deep cleaning work. We focus on those hard to get spots, and are happy to solve your problems for you. Built up dirt and bacteria in those spots over time can be detrimental. Get started with us with your deep cleaning. 

Post Construction: Part of the post renovation process is to have a professional queens cleaning service come do the job for you. It is our job to deliver you the most effective results in an efficient time manner.

Laundry Services: We are happy to include laundry services upon request. If you would like to add this to a part of your regular cleaning, be sure to let us know so we can get that handled for you.

Pet Care: Own any pets? We take special care of your pets during the process as well as handle their litter and any incidentals along the way.

Residential: House cleaning and apartment cleaners queens ny will get you the service and best cleaning staff in the local area.

Commercial: Office cleaning solutions are available! We are flexible with our scheduling and are ready to get you started!

Best Products: We only use high quality products to get the job done.

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Close attention to detail: It is one thing to clean, but to really clean in a deep fashion takes close attention to detail all of our home