Post Construction Cleaning NYC

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Post Renovation Cleaning Services NYC

If you have had the luxury of undergoing renovations and are amazed with the results but dissapointed in the buildup over the course of time; then a post construction renovation nyc must be what you are looking for due to the amount of material, dirt and dust build up that occurs. 



Post construction cleanup process is quite different as compared to any other due to the amount of cleaning that is required and the amount of dirt and material that could have been left behind. 



If you are looking for a a company that can deliver this specialized post construction cleaning service, then Pegasus Cleaning Company is who you should call. 


We are a team of highly skilled, professional and specifically trained professionals to get the job done for you in an appropriate and timely fashion. 


A few of the features that we offer that make us compatible in the market include the below and much more.

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We are all busy. The added stress that may occur in the case of the post renovation process should be handled by true professionals. Maximize your time, and leave it to us to handle. 


Time is of essence for everyone. Whether it is your work schedule or time you are looking to spend with family, evaluating time management is very impoortant. We understand that, which is why we make ourselves readily available to all in the Queens, New York, Long Island, NY, and Manhattan, NY areas.  This is exactly what our team understands and it is our top most priority to ensure that the cleaning process is completed in a timely fashion stress free.


You define the time that fits into your schedule. Our job is to make convenience, reliability, professionalism, and affordability become tangible. Whether it is a one time thing or you would like weekly/monthly service; don’t hesitate to give Cleaning Services Queens a phone call. 

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Post Renovation Cleaning NYC

No matter the type of renovation you may have gone through, the reality is that the amount of dust and dirt particles that accumulate can be potentially harmful in the near future if not addressed in a timely fashion. Do not jeopardize the quality and health of your home. 

Professional queens cleaners will eliminate all worries and potential issues that may come up if neglected currently. True preventative care of your home starts with us. 

Regular cleaning will go a long way and it is our mission to handle this for you at the drop of a hat. The supplies that we use are of the highest of quality and we never will drop our standards to using cheap products. The best work requires the best tools.

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Get those hard to find spots and the areas that you are unwilling to go to. We are dedicated to going the extra mile for our customers on a regular basis. Post renovation cleaning services nyc starts with us. Start by giving us a phone call. We will go over every detail of the project and what you need to be done. Let us know what needs to happen in order for you to be 110% satisfied, and your expectations. 

Our business model is that we combine the aspects of unmatched customer service with unparalled results. Stressing these two aspects has allowed Pegasus Cleaning Company to help many residential and home owners in the local and surrounding areas. Our top priority is to have you satisfied and have you raving about our services. Learn more about what we do. We are available to take your phone call. Utilize the click to call button provided below to get started.