Move Out/ Move In Cleaning Service

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Move Out Cleaning Service NYC

Cleaning the home you are moving out from or moving into will be time consuming and we suggest leaving this to the professionals. With the time consumption that this process is already giving you, allow us to handle the work for you. We are happy to fulfill on all of the details you provide us. 


We understand that a big part of the process is to be as detail oriented as possible. Let us know what your expectations are and we will deliver accordingly! 


Our professional staff is here to help you with this specific type of cleaning. Allowing for the most efficient and effective process is of the utmost importance. Your house will have a glow and sparkle that it has never experienced before. First impressions are important in order to create a lasting impression! 


This is the core of our practice. What we do each time out will ensure for the best image you create for your friends and family. 


Doing the work on your own will be very time consuming. Not to mention that it is a tough task. Our staff is excellent at listening to you and the demands you have. We make you the priority and our happiness comes from bringing you the happiness you deserve. Making the decision to go with professional maid services queens is the wise choice. Give us a call by clicking the button below.

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Move In Cleaning Service NYC

The return on your investment will be shown in several areas: Time being number one. We all know that time is irreversible and it is our most precious commodity. In order to gain control of your time and leverage it, you must outsource the tasks that the professionals will provide you. Number two is the results. Combining these two aspects will allow for the best combination when discussing Return On Investment. 

Doing that on your own can be a hard task and time consuming. In order to perform this in the most efficient time frame and free yourself from the stress, you need professional service for this kind of cleaning. At Queens Cleaning services, we specialize in the trade and delivering excellence. The professional cleaning service you require in order to allow for optimal results will be handled by Pegasus. 

We provide all types of cleaning and will go the extra mile for all requests you have. Delivering excellence requires a competent, caring and efficient crew that cares about your needs above all. Our staff is a close knit bunch that is dedicated to you reaching the maintenance goals that is needed to create drastic improvement in the quality of your home. 

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Cleaning Services

Contact us today and let us know when you are moving out and moving into your new home and we will ensure to book you that date and have our professional cleaning maids provide you with the best service guaranteed!!

Moving in or out involves extensive cleaning services such but not limited to the below:

– Floor and carpet cleaning

– Moving of furniture

– Dusting of surfaces and items

– Toilet cleaning and Sanitization

– Kitchen cleaning and Sanitization

– Cabinets and Countertop cleaning

– Unpacking and packing or boxes

With all these cleaning tasks to complete, and the worry of moving of furniture, we know how stressful it can be. That’s where we come in, our maids will take on the burden of house cleaning  from you and will provide the kind of cleaning service you desire while you focus your time to unpack and organize your belongings. Our professionals know the effective ways of cleaning procedure in the most efficient time. You will see the difference after they complete the cleaning task.

We do not operate our business on hidden and added costs. You can rely on us with the efficient pricing that is needed for you to be completely satisfied with the investment you make. It is important to invest your time and energy to the tasks that need your complete and undivided attention. Whether it is more family time, or more time to allow for work related tasks. Your leisure time is precious and should be handled by the queens cleaning professionals, Pegasus Cleaning Company.

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