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Deep Clean Service

Thorough, deep cleaning in queens, new york that is affordable, reliable and professional. Handling all specific requests you may have with a smile on our face. We operate our deep cleaning nyc service business with hard work, patience and care. It is important to us that we not only fulfill your needs, but that we overdeliver. 



We practice excellence on a consistent basis here. It is a great idea to hire professionals that not only have the experience, but have a proven track record of top of the line work. We handle all residential and commercial needs. We provide the optimal amount of cleaners based on the size of your space. 



It is important to us that we efficiently and effectively handle your needs. Time is of the essence and we make it a point of emphasis to deliver on all cylinders. We offer prices that are within your daily, weekly and monthly budget that you have set aside for NYC deep cleaning service. 


Give us a phone call to discuss your needs and we will make appropriate accommodations for you. It is important to address your needs and expectations first and foremost. 

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Apartment Deep Cleaning NYC

Regular deep cleaning services will allow for optimal prevention for bacteria buildup.Let’s get you started with free pricing so we can move forward with making the changes that are necessary. Are you ready for a major change in the quality of your home life or business life?



Do you own any pets? We provide an extra service where we take special care and help with all of the cleaning of any litter and shedding which is a common occurrence. There may have been a build up for quite some time now, and it is imperative to address the details. One of the downsides of being a pet owner is the daily maintenance it requires to maintain with the upkeep of your home. We welcome the challenge and it is our pleasure to completely fix up the quality of your home with one detailed session. Our detailed cleaning services will allow for an unbelievable.



We have crafted the ultimate detailed package for you. Customer satisfaction and sparkling clean results is the core of what we do. Building long term relationships through our services could not make us happier. Our clients trust us with their home and we hold ourselves accountable. High standards and major resposnibility is taken on our part. 

Deep Cleaning Service Queens

  • Bathroom and toilet detailed cleaning: It is important to stress the details in the environment that you spend quite some time in. Sanitizing bath tubs, showers, sinks, floors, countertips and tiles and anything in particular you are looking to handle. 

  • Kitchen and appliance detailed cleaning: As homeowners ourselves, we understand the attention to detail and constant maintenance your kitchen needs. Not only making the environment presentable but allowing for an optimal environment that is healthy for cooking and serving. The many functions that a kitchen provides you is waiting to be sparkling clean. Ready for results? Call us now to get started. We offer $25 off of your first appointment and are happy to prove ourselves to you for a long term relationship. 

  • Light Fixtures Detailed Cleaning: Deep cleaning services NYC that takes special care of any light fixtures you have.

  • Basement/Storage Area detailed cleaning: The common pattern we see with these areas, is that over the years it tends to be neglected. We all know that anything that may have been neglected will start to lose its glow. Regain that glow and get started with us now!