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Professional Home Cleaning Services

Are you ready for a major change? At Pegasus Cleaning Company, we are committed to 110% customer satisfaction. Trusted by homeowners and business owners to deliver excellence on a consistent basis. 

We offer the total package and are happy to help with the quality of your home. Working around your schedule and delivering convenience and unmatched customer care and results. Creating long term relationships with our clientele and maintaining the upkeep of your home or office. 

Unmatched attention to detail and unparalleled results. If you are looking to make a change, hit the click the call button below to get in touch with us. Conveniently serving Queens, Long Island and Manhattan.

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Home Cleaning Services Queens NY

Queens Cleaning Services offering the total package at affordable rates. It is our pleasure to deliver unmatched attentiveness to your home or office. Consistent care of your property starts with us. If you value your space and care about presenting an image that speaks volume to your friends, family and customers, don’t hesitate to give us a call. 



One of our experts will handle all of your requests. Our mission is to make things as easy and efficient as possible for you. Get your cleaning quotes now and start freeing up your time. Leave it to the professionals to handle the job for you. 


Start enjoying your leisure time and allow us to come in and show you the true value that a professional cleaning services queens ny company can bring to you. Never underestimate the value that professionals can bring to the table. Home cleaning is most certainly a do it yourself task and we recommend to be seen by the pros.

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Why Choose Pegasus?

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Cleaning Services Long Island

House Cleaning Services in Queens and Long Island that is committed to unmatched customer care and results. Establishing long term relationships is what we do. We are here for the long term and will always bring 110% effort and dedication to you. 

We are ready to take your call and go over your needs for successful long term maintenance. We value you and will always go the extra mile for each and every single customer that trusts us to handle their property. Maid Service Queens is happy to learn more about you. Give us a phone call so we can go over the details and have it handled immediately.

If you have specific requests, it is important to us that we address those immediately and make sure it is handled effectively. We understand that each situation is unique and requires a specific approach. 

We understand that it takes constant effort and attention to maintain with the upkeep of your home. Potential for clutter to be built up over time is an inevitable occurrence of your home. The living situation will determine to what extent. 

Regardless of the matter, we will come in and handle any situation you may have. If it is taking your valuable time away from you, we suggest you leave it Pegasus Cleaning Company to handle. 

Our practices lead to 110% customer satisfaction. We are in the business of bringing results and establishing a customer base that can rely on us to deliver reliability, professionalism and affordability. Every cleaner is experienced, friendly and dedicated to your needs. 

The culture that we’ve created here allows us to help the local and surrounding areas for a wide range of services. 

Attentive care to your windows, light fixtures, chandeliers, cabinets and those hard to find spots are waiting for you to take action. 

Create great first impressions and hire us to handle the headaches for you. Well versed in efficient and effective techniques that will establish credibility to your friends and family. 

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Maid Service Queens

Get those hard to reach spots taken care of! We are thorough and deliberate with every step of the process. 


Dusting all surfaces, vacuuming carpeted areas, wiping all appliances, cabinets, counters, shelves, mirrors and more. We are extremely detail oriented and the most important aspect to us is we cover each and every single one of your needs. We emphasize each and every part of your request. Please be as specific as possible. 



Deep Cleaning NYC is a staple of what we do. No matter the condition and current state your home may currently be in, we will handle it with special care. Using top of the line products is a staple in our practice. We value high quality products and cannot stress the importance of this matter enough. We invest our time and energy into quality products and never recommend to skimp on cheaper product.

Move Out/ Move In Cleaning

Move out cleaning nyc service is available to all that are going through the stage of needed a professional company to handle with care while you prepare the home for new owner or tenant; we suggest you give us a call. Each and every single detail will be addressed. 



With all the factors that come along with moving out; it can be a daunting task; we recommend to take this aspect and variable out of the equation to leave it to the experts in the industry. What details are you looking to emphasize? We will meet the criteria you provide for us and be in open communication with you to ensure you are 110% satisfied. We are committed to your satisfaction on a very high level. 



We hold each cleaner on staff to a high standard and demand excellence from each and every single one.



Moving into a new home? Congratulations. Move in cleaning service NYC that has you covered with all of your needs.

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House Cleaning Nassau County

If you recently have had the experience of undergoing renovation, Post construction cleaning nyc is for you.The amount of dust and dirt that has built up must be addressed. 


If you are looking for a company that can deliver this specialized post construction cleaning service, don’t hesitate. Give us a thorough assessment of what is currently going on, and we will provide deep cleaning service to your home or commercial property. Alleviate the stress of the entire construction and renovation process and allow cleaning services queens ny to handle the rest. 


You do not want to jeopardize your health and the newly constructed home with the amount of dirt that has been accumulated. We are dedicated to the details and are committed to having your home reach its full potential with presentability and functionality. 

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Professional Cleaning Companies

The image you present at your business is crucial on so many aspects. Not only for encouraging productivity amongst your staff but providing the perspective that is needed to make your customer feel at home. If you think your customers are not judging your real estate the second they walk in, think again! It is critical to take the time to allow a professional company that specializes in the trade, to handle your needs. 


Consistent care; whether it be daily, weekly or monthly is of the utmost importance to establishing rapport with your visitors. No matter what type of business you run, having the ability to appear presentable on so many levels will speak volume about your establishment. 


We offer our services to those in need and cater to your schedule. After hours scheduling is available to all that inquire. We are happy to go out of our way to get the job done for you. We value our clients and are happy to have you hire us!

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Areas Of Service

We proudly service the entire Queens, Long Island and NYC areas. House cleaning long island solutions at affordable rates.  No space is too small or too big for our team. 

We work efficiently and staff the optimal amount of cleaners per job. For all residential home and apartment cleaning to commercial and office space cleaning, give us a call. 

We currently offer a $25 off special for all new customers that inquire on our website. To claim the offer, give us a phone call. Utilize the click to call button provided below, and we look forward to speaking with you and fulfilling your needs.